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Welcome to the Let's Talk Relationship Not Religion Podcast! Join us in our conversation focusing on deepening your relationship with Jesus!

Mar 28, 2022

The doors of the church or now open again, but will the service return to the status quo?

Mar 21, 2022

What will you do when the crowd tries to shhh you?

Mar 16, 2022

Listen in as Joseph shares how at a young age, he realized that God was positioning him then, for where he is now, and where he will be in the future. For Joseph, God is guidance.

Mar 14, 2022

Why are you standing outside when the gate isn't even locked?

Mar 9, 2022

Listen in as Minister Kimberly Braxton shares how God spoke eques to her heart in order to break her and build her back up, so that she could authentically walk in her purpose.